Effective link building methods

Link building is the process of building back-links to your site. The more back-links (links from other sites to your site) a site has, the higher it ranks on the search engines. It would be fair to say that link building is much more valuable than regular search engine optimization, especially taken into consideration the neutralization of meta tags and the limited effect that search engine friendly semantic code has nowadays.

Link building methods have changed from time to time and a specific method that worked before may not work at this point. This is due to changes in the search ranking algorithms over time, and in some cases abuse. If a specific link building method has been abused too much, it is likely that method will not work anymore.

Do you know which link building methods work today?
Below are some of the most popular link building methods that still apply.

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Article Submission

You can publish your article in article directories to gain backlinks to your site from your published articles, and get some traffic as a bonus. Article submission is a great way of building back-links as it provides you with absolutely relevant contextual back-links that Google loves.

Directory Submission

Directory submission used to work lot better before, but it is still a popular link building method that still works if done properly. However, most of the directories are not worth submitting to. You will have to check if they are quality first; in other words, find out their Google PR (but also the number of sites listed, the number of back-links the directory has and the age of the directory).

DMOZ is a directory that is worth submitting to and can provide great benefit in your SEO campaign. It may take months to get the approval from DMOZ and the chance of getting approved is quite slim. A lot of small directories use the DMOZ directory categories so getting listed with DMOZ would mean getting bonus listings on several other directories.

To be honest, paid inclusions might not worth your money, even to well known directories.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking worked like charm only a few months ago. If bookmarked on authority and quality bookmarking sites like Digg, then you can still make good use of social bookmarking. Other than back-links, social bookmarking also offers you some bonus traffic depending on where you submit to.

Blog Commenting

Public commenting has gone through lots of spamming already, so you need to work a little harder here. It is best to find quality blogs related to your category and make on-topic relevant comments. Not only do your comments add value to the blog post, you can have a good chance of getting your comments approved and staying on the post page.

Press Releases

Submitting to quality free press release sites can help. Here is a list of 20+ free press release distribution sites to get your started. For those reading the whole article here, the quality check routine applies here as well, and may I add that quality are usually popular sites (meaning they got a decent Alexa rank, at least below 1M).

Social Media and Free Blog Sites

You could write articles that are relevant to your site and publish them on popular social media (facebook, twitter, myspace) and free blog sites Web 2.0 sites with your keywords hyperlinked to your site. Some of the authority sites are Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger and WordPress.com.

This method is very popular these days because it actually works great. It results in quality, relevant contextual back-links that Google and other major search engines love.

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If you can utilize the above methods to their fullest potential, you will have solid grounds for quality back-links generation and more traffic for your site.

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