Google introduces “Nearby” tool

Google announced the availability of the “Nearby” tool in the Search Options panel, that should help you refine your searches by location. This feature is available on the domain in English only at the moment.

See excerpts from the post on the official Google blog by Jackie Bavaro below.

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Location has become an important part of the way we search. If you’re a foodie looking for restaurant details, food blogs or the closest farmer’s market, location can be vital to helping you find the right information. Starting today, we’ve added the ability to refine your searches with the “Nearby” tool in the Search Options panel. One of the really helpful things about this tool is that it works geographically — not just with keywords — so you don’t have to worry about adding “Minneapolis” to your query and missing webpages that only say “St. Paul” or “Twin Cities.” Check it out by doing a search, clicking on “show options” and selecting “Nearby.”

Nearby tool in Google's Search Options panel

You can choose to see results nearby either your default location or a custom location, and you can narrow down to results at the city, region or state level. Try these examples:

[things to do on st. patrick’s day] – In the Minneapolis region
[food blogs] – Near you (default location)
[farmers market] – Near the city of Ithaca
[dmv] – In the same state as Tucson

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The question is “Would that be accurate enough?”. Well, at first it would not be that accurate, but this is the reason it has begun as part of the English only Google domain. Though it certainly is a step forward, helping users customize their searches further and get fine-tuned results a little easier.

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