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This template works great at least with FireFox v1.5+, Internet Explorer v6.0+, Opera 9.0+ and Safari 3.0+. A minimum of 800x600 pixels of screen resolution is required, but we suggest 1024x768 or higher for your viewing pleasure.

Template features

Keeping the quality high and the code clean is always a priority for us. Let's take a look at the complete features list of this second template, part of the SymiSun free template series.

  • Code
  • Compatible with screen resolution of 800x600 and higher
  • Tested to work faultlessly in IE 6-7, FireFox 1.x-2, Opera 9.x and Safari 3.x
  • Lightweight code of under 22KB and images under 15KB, a total of under 37KB
  • Wildy commented CSS file that makes it easy for you to customize
  • Design
  • Special tabbed main navigation
  • Prominent search bar that immediately adds value to your site
  • Wise use of white space to make the content eye-friendly
  • Handy link shortcuts suitable for user menu, category menu and footer menu
  • A sense of the third dimension to the top and bottom
  • A free sample logo for anyone to use and edit according to needs