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This template works great at least with FireFox v1.5+, Internet Explorer v6.0+, Opera 9.0+ and Safari 3.0+. A minimum of 800x600 pixels of screen resolution is required, but we suggest 1024x768 or higher for your viewing pleasure.

Template story & terms of use

Our head designer / developer had released a free CSS template under the name "summerBreeze" a while ago. Due to popular demand, summerBreeze template returns polished under the SymiSun brand.

A delicious CSS and XHTML valid template featuring a special tabbed main navigation and a pinch of light blue freshness. This updated version involves several code improvements and has been thoroughly tested to be cross browser.

We believe that by releasing free CSS templates, we show our appreciation to the web community and spread the word of our existence.

You may freely use and modify this template either for personal or commercial projects, but you have to keep the 3 words with the link at the bottom of the template saying Designed by SymiSun*.